Mile 54's workshop division is excited to announce that they have moved in to their own space in Peabody, MAl!


The new location is conveniently located on Bourbon Street with easy access to Route 1 and I-95.

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to our Mile 54 artists, Meghan and Heather!

Mile 54 freelance artist, Meghan, earned the honor of being the class valedictorian at Covenant Christian Academy.

Meghan will be pursuing a double major in Dance and Architecture at Mount Holyoke College.


She was honored to receive their prestigious Leadership Merit Award.

Congratulations Meghan on all your hard work!

Meghan's artwork

Meghan particularly enjoys creating ink & watercolor or impressionistic paintings, some of which are below.

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For more of Meghans work, click HERE


Several of Heather's works were selected by her professors to be part of the student invitational exhibit at Endicott College.

Each student is only allowed a single entry so she selected her favorite, seen here

(oil on wooden panel, 18x24).

Heather's entry was given the Speaker's Choice Award!



A self-choregorahed solo dance was also chosen to be part of the exhibit. See description below.

Heather's own explanation of the video can be seen on the Vimeo page description.

A note about the video (possible trigger warning):

This self-choreographed solo dance routine attempts to depict how Heather feels as she is entering and experiencing a panic attack, and how she comes out of it through her faith.

There are no aggressive or offensive movements or language, but the emotions can be intense, especially for those who struggle with mental illness.

She chose to share this deeply personal experience with the hope that it will help others who suffer from mental illness to see they are not alone, to shed light on it for those who may know someone who suffers, and to share how her faith helps her through her struggles.

Perhaps this is a way to experience what it can feel like and hopefully it can generate discussion with, and compassion for, those around you who are coping daily with anxiety and mental illness.


Thank-you, Heather, for having the courage to be vulnerable in this way.

It demonstrates the power of the arts to express ourselves and support each other.