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It's in the details

About Us

Mile 54 Fine Art Studio is a a family-run business in Boston's North Shore area. What began with gestures of gift-giving, turned into a small business as word spread about a unique way to honor special people, places, and memories.

The bulk of our work is custom ordered and all of it is created by hand with great attention to detail. We take pride in producing works of art that reflect the customer's vision for their project.


We were excited to launch our creative arts workshop division, Total Arts!, in 2020 providing opportunities to explore, discover, and create in all areas of the creative arts.


Please contact us with requests or questions. We look forward to working with you soon!

Why "Mile 54"?

Mile 54 is just past the half-way point in the Leadville 100 Trail Run through the mountains of Colorado. At an elevation of 11,320 ft. this spot offers amazing views that help inspire runners to keep pushing on toward the end. 


Based on a photograph taken as the artist's father passed Mile 54, an oil painting was created to commemorate his completion of the course. The painting is one of the first commissioned works created by our primary artist, laying the foundation for a small business. 

The name "Mile 54" honors this inspirational achievement, the result of years of hard work and training. It also pays tribute to all those who work hard to pursue a dream and accomplish their goals.

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