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The Mile 54 Family
Artist Profile: Heather MacBeath
Heather Headshot.png

As an original founder of Mile 54 Fine Art Studio, Heather is currently its primary artist. In fact, it was her tendency to joyfully create beautiful, custom gifts for friends & family that led to the idea for a small business venture! Most of the artwork found on this website was created by Heather.

Heather has a BFA in Studio Art: 2D at Endicott College in Beverly, MA where her work has earned awards and recognition including the Fine Arts departmental nomination for the Senior Thesis Award . In addition to creating works of art for Mile 54 or her art classes, Heather has explored graphic design, photography, & digital art.

When not creating, drawing, or painting, you will probably find Heather dancing!

She also enjoys exploring the arts with children, and finds their curiosity and creativity inspiring.

Heather is thrilled to be part of our creative arts workshops, Total Arts!, in planning and instruction.

Artist Profile: Meghan MacBeath

Meghan is a freelance artist with Mile 54 Fine Art Studio. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember and is thrilled to be part of the artistic team.


Meghan particularly enjoys painting in an impressionistic style, as well as ink and watercolor architectural paintings. She is also skilled at unique and creative lettering, creating lovely cards, signs, and notes for friends & family. Meghan is also an active part of our creative arts workshop team, planning and instructing for Total Arts!.

She is currently pursuing a double major in Dance and Architecture at Mount Holyoke College, combining her passions for dance and art with her interest in math and problem solving. She is also a regular dance substitute instructor at BoSoma School of Dance.

Founder Profile: Michele MacBeath

Michele has a strong background in, and appreciation for, the Fine & Performing Arts. She developed and ran a summer creative arts program, combining process art, movement stories, music, and narratives in hands-on workshops. Michele plays piano and has taught children of all ages. She spent several years on the parent fundraising board for the BoSoma Youth Company pre-professional dance ensemble.

In her 13 years as a home educator Michele helped run and teach a variety of topics in co-op groups for young children, particularly in the arts, and she developed and taught a Child Development course for high school students. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Speech-Language Pathology.

She also recently launched Total Arts! Creative Arts Workshops with partner Amy Giammarco-Moquin. 

Total Arts! is a division of Mile 54, offering creative arts experiences throughout the local community.

Michele is excited to be part of Mile 54 Fine Art Studio as a founder, owner, and administrator.

It is a joy for her to see a customer's vision come to life through a unique & personal work of art.

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