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Portraits, pets, landscapes, locations, special occasions.

Based on a photograph provided by you.

Choose either a representative or impressionistic style,

or our new geometric abstraction (for pet portraits only).

Oil, acrylic, or watercolor

oil on canvas board.jpg

Special Edition Oil Painting with Contour Images

Pencil or charcoal

Digital Hand-Drawn Pet Portrait
Geometric Abstraction

Also available hand-painted in acrylic or oil

Choose from four different color palettes

(Blue, green, orange, or pink/purple)


Sent as a JPEG file

Yours to print, post, & share.

Please credit Mile 54 Fine Art Studio when possible. Thank-you.

Not sure what option to choose?

Buy a gift card and let them select their own project!

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Now available: Original works of art by our Mile 54 artists